Why do not the track events come in my language?

The program only reads the sites of post services, it does not deal with the translation of statuses "on the fly".

But there are three type of event translations in App:
  1. Paid translation pack to translate 100 events text. We need to pay for access to MS Translator API, that is used for user translations in app by default, so we need to get some revenue from users to make it less costly for us.
  2. Free translation with external Google Translate application.
  3. Free translation with your own subscription key on Microsoft Translator, you need to create account on Microsoft Azure, then activate MS Translator free 2 billion chars translation pack, get your API access key and paste this key in app preferences.

You can translate the text of events by tap (click) on the event (from original event's language to the current language of the program interface).

Why are some tracks automatically marked as "Delivered", although they are still on going?
For correct tracking in the destination country, you should specify (for the track) the destination country post service manually (for example: [rus] for parcels to Russia), or specify this service once in "Settings" -> "Default Services".
What tracks does the program intercept from the clipboard?
App takes from clipboard only tracks of UPU S10 standard that match the mask: [RCEL] A012345678AA Where: [RCEL] - one of the following letters: R, C, E, L A - any letter of the Latin alphabet 012345678 - any nine digits in any sequence.
How to update services in App?

Often, post services change the format of the provided data, or new post services are added.

For automaticall update services in App, just switch on following option in menu: "Settings" -> "Postal Services" -> "Auto update postal services". You can also tap on "Check for services updates now."

If, for some reason, auto update does not work, you can go to News section of Forum on this site, and download the services.dat.new file, and then copy it to following folder: "/sdcard/TrackChecker_Mobile". After that, App should be restarted to apply the update of service descriptions. If services are successfully updated, the services.dat.new file should disappear from folder "/sdcard/TrackChecker_Mobile".

Since version v2.19.10, you just may tap on the downloaded services.dat.new file.

Why does the program need an access to the SD card (there are the photo/video there)?
The program can save/restore a backup copy of user's data on the SD-card.
I switched on an every hourly check, but checks start only when I enter into the program. Why?

On some devices (especially Chinese) or Android versions, the TrackChecker Mobile application can not work in the background (sleep) mode. Select the "Wake up device" checkbox here "Settings" -> "Events updating", to output the device from the "sleep" mode, when updating events after a set period of time.

For Andorid 7.0 and higher, you also need to allow the application to work in the background in the Android system settings.

When I move the application to the SD card, the widget disappears and I can not add it.
При переносе на SD-карту, любая программа для Android автоматически лишается своих виджетов - это ограничение самой системы. When you transfer to the SD-card any program for Android it automatically loses it's widgets - this is the limitation of the Android system itself.
What do color labels (digits) mean?

Color labels and digits are an indicators of parcels "age". The number is the counter of days since the first event on the item appeared.

The colors show the stages (by default):

  • GREEN - from 15 to 30 days have passed (stage 1).
  • YELLOW - from 31 to 40 days have passed. During this period most parcels come (stage 2).
  • RED - more than 40 days have passed, it's time to open a dispute if parcel does not come still (stage 3).
How can I update events for only a few tracks (only for selected tracks)?

Use the "multi-select". It's available with long tap on one of the tracks, select the tracks you want and tap the "Refresh" icon.

You can update one track from the track events view by swipe down (skipping of the services with the Captcha depends on the selected mode).

I set (a) the events update rate - "every hour", but after the last successful update, the Internet connection was available only after an hour and a half. Is it meens that next update will be performed only after 30 minutes?

At first, App wait for a given period (for example 1 hour). If there was no Internet after that period, the program will launch the update at the first opportunity. And after a successful test, it will again stand on the waiting period.

So scheduled events update does not mean that there must be an Internet at certain times. The scan interval is the minimum time that an update can occur (ie, the check is not more often than the interval set, but if the time exceeds this time, the program seeks to perform a successful check as soon as possible).

Very small picture with Captcha, nothing to see!
The picture with Captcha has three sizes that changing (in a cycle) by tap (click) on the picture.
I have an active Ad's Off subscription, but ads still show!
When you change or reset the device, a subscription to turn off advertising can be restored a couple of days. Check the subscription from the left menu - "Close AD" - "Check subscription". If the subscription does not recover, try to clear the cache and data of Google Play and Google Play Services. Sometimes a subscription stops working if there are several Google accounts on the device.
Why does automatic update of tracks not show the Captcha when Captcha skipping mode is off?
Auto-update is performed in the background, so services that require manual input of Captcha are not checked.
The post service requests Captcha, but after input, the program does not display any changes, although in the program on Windows they are.
Perhaps, when you entered Captcha, you made a mistake. The TrackChecker for Android does not check the entered Captcha on errors yet.
How to use anti-captcha service in App?

From version v2.19.10 App supports paid service Anti-captcha.com (ex.anti-gate.com).

To make App works with service you should to:
  1. Register at anti-captcha.com, and get access key and replenish account balance.
  2. In App at menu "Options" -> "Services" -> "Antigate options" -> Enter access key.

If everything is correct, when you click Check Balance, you will get information about your account balance.

How to migrate database of tracks from TrackChecker (version 1.xx) to TrackChecker Mobile?

At TrackChecker, start export DB from settings (first item - Export DB). In folder TrackChecker on card (/sdcard/) will be created file TrackCheckerDB.backup.

At TrackChecker Mobile, select menu item "Settings" – "Data backup" – "Restore from TrackChecker 1" (available if there is a file: /sdcard/TrackChecker/TrackCheckerDB.backup).

How to determine the sender's post service ?
Check the "Auto detect track services" box in the Settings -> Postal settings menu, and the App will automatically determine the sender's services by the number of each track, when it's possible.
The program does not track any track numbers. What am I doing wrong?

All events the program takes from the servers of the post services selected by you for each track.

At first, check that there is information about your track on the sites of those postal services that you have selected. To do this, enter the multi-select mode (long tap on the track), enter the context menu (3 points), "Open the track on the website..." and select the service you are interested in.

The page of the selected post service will be loaded in the opened window. The track number will be copied to the clipboard automatically. Find the field for entering the track number on the website of the post service and hold the finger on it, and then select "Insert" from the appeared menu. Then click on the check button.

You can repeat this operation for each service in the track being checked.

If your track info is on post service site but not retrieved by the application, contact us and send the post service and track number for which the info was not recieved by the application. To the next version, we will try to fix the that post service in App.

Also the situation is possible if you chose wrong post services for your tracks. To correct this, contact the sender of the parcel and sget the exact name of the post service. After that, adjust the list of post services for the track.