All events the program takes from the servers of the post services selected by you for each track.

At first, check that there is information about your track on the sites of those postal services that you have selected. To do this, enter the multi-select mode (long tap on the track), enter the context menu (3 points), "Open the track on the website..." and select the service you are interested in.

The page of the selected post service will be loaded in the opened window. The track number will be copied to the clipboard automatically. Find the field for entering the track number on the website of the post service and hold the finger on it, and then select "Insert" from the appeared menu. Then click on the check button.

You can repeat this operation for each service in the track being checked.

If your track info is on post service site but not retrieved by the application, contact us and send the post service and track number for which the info was not recieved by the application. To the next version, we will try to fix the that post service in App.

Also the situation is possible if you chose wrong post services for your tracks. To correct this, contact the sender of the parcel and sget the exact name of the post service. After that, adjust the list of post services for the track.