How to start TrackChecker on Wine?
  1. Install Wine;
  2. Type in consol: winetricks wininet;
  3. Type in consol: wine /path_to_TrackChecker.exe (Example: wine /home/pinkfloydfan/trackchecker_1.0.7.310/TrackChecker.exe). Or in GUI click by RMB on third menu item, and select "Start in Wine".

To get fonts support and appearance like in Windows, type in console: winetricks coreutils

Information provided by Grzegorz
What hotkeys has the App?

Hotkeys list:

Hotkey Action
Ins Add new track
Ctrl+Del Delete selected element
Del Hide element
F2 Element settings
F6 Count days from selected event
Ctrl+Up Move selected element up
Ctrl+Down Move selected element down
F5 Check selected elements (tracks, groups)
Shift+F5 Check all tracks
Space Mark selected as viewed (remove flag of new event)
Shift+Del Deletу all received events
Ctrl+F Open filters panel and go to filter field
Alt+Ctrl+Right Expand selected element
Alt+Ctrl+Left Collapse selected elements
Alt+Shift+C Copy text of selected elements to OS clipboard
Alt+Ctrl+C Copy events of selected track to OS clipboard
Ctrl + X Cut selected elements to App clipboard
Ctrl + C Copy selected elements to App clipboard
Ctrl + V Paste elements from App clipboard
Alt+Ctrl+Shift+S Show "Advanced service options" menu item
Alt + N Next unread event
Alt + T or Alt+Ctrl+T Translate selected event/events of selected tracks
Why did the ability to move tracks with the mouse disappear and/or the buttons up/down inactive?

With active column sorting, the ability to move items is disabled.

You can disable column sorting by a single or double tap until the mark of the sorting is removed.

The track turned red. What does it mean?

The font of the track turns red in case of an error when updating on one of the services on which the track was checked. Perhaps the service site is not available at the moment or the format of the information has changed. Additional information can be seen in the track properties window at the "Log" tab.


LastUpdate:13.09.2010 13:54:37,
LastUpdate:06.09.2010 20:37:50,
LastHTTPError: 0 (0)

Here you can see that the track was checked on the service rus and china:

LastUpdate - the date and time of the last scan.

Finalized - is the flag that triggered the end of processing on this service. It is also visible on the Services tab of the track properties window. P>

LastError - type of error. 5 possible values: ueNone (No errors), ueWrongService (service description error), ueRequestError (error at sending/receiving data to/from the service), ueParseError (error of parsing of the page with information), ueNoInfo (no information on the page).

LastHTTPError - description + error code WinHTTP. A more detailed description you can find in MSDN, for example the code 12002 means "The request has timed out" - The time has elapsed for waiting for a response from the server.

How to copy list of events like a text?

To copy the list of track events to the clipboard as text, just select the track and press Ctrl + Alt + C.

You can also use the corresponding item in the context menu of the track: Click by right mouse button (RMB) on the track -> Other -> Copy the list of events (text).

Solution for some services used https (usps_new, etc.) if App does not get any events

If you have in log something like this: usps_new: 21.06.2013 9:41:35 NoInfo (12057) INTERNET SEC CERT REV FAILED try the following: In IE settings switch off option: Check for server certificate revocation.

Error (12029) INTERNET CANNOT CONNECT on Windows XP or Windows 7

This error usually appears on Win XP or Win 7 due to the lack of HTTPS support.

Try this for Win XP:

Windows XP does not support AES_128 and AES_256, as well as TLS 1.1, TLS 1.2, which are used for https requests in some services.

You can add AES_128 and TLS 1.1, TLS 1.2 like this:

  1. Install Internet Explorer 8
  2. Install updates for Windows XP - KB968730, KB3055973, KB2936068.

You can add support for AES_256 by following the instructions:

And this is for Windows 7:

Enable or disable (if enabled) the use of TLS 1.1 and TLS 1.2 in Internet Explorer settings. (Control Panel - Internet Options - Advanced - Security section)

The program has lost all tracks, track filters are disabled
Perhaps for some reason the program data file (data.xml) was corrupted. This sometimes occurs at emergency power off when the program stores the data. Or in rare cases, when incorrect information arrives from the post services. Try running the program with the fixxml key, specifying the full path to the data.xml file (Example: trackchecker.exe -fixxml: "c:\trackchecker\data.xml")
Does the program support startup with keys?

Program start keys:

d specify the path to the data.xml data file
s specify the path to the service description file
o specify the path to the options file options.xml
dp specify the path to the program data folder
fixxml fix "broken" xml file

Format: [-/]key "path"

Example: trackchecker.exe -d "d:\data\data1.xml" -o "f:\data\options_home.xml". In that case data will be loaded from file d:\data\data1.xml, and options from f:\data\options_home.xml, and file with post services will be loaded according to the program settings.

Example for fixxml: trackchecker.exe -fixxml:"c:\trackchecker\data.xml"

The program stopped to check the tracks (after the update)...


Typically, this can happen after program's update (installing a new version over the old one). For some reason, a system or third-party firewall or antivirus blocks access to the Internet for the updated program (which is seen from the messages in the log of the track). You should check the settings of the firewall and/or antivirus and allow access the Internet for the App.

One of the possible solutions (actual for Win8.1): Run the program as an administrator, only then the system and the antivirus will ask for confirmation to start the program and it's began to check the tracks.

The toolbar is overloaded with buttons
You can easily remove extra buttons. Just do this: right-click on the toolbar and select "Toolbar items".
What does the color of the tracks mean?

The color of the tracks depends on the number of days passed from the date of the first (or marked) event to the current date.

Settings by default:

  • Tracks with "age" up to 15 days - are not highlighted by color
  • From 16 to 25 days have passed - green
  • From 26 to 40 days have passed - yellow
  • More then 40 days have passed - RED, it's time to think about a dispute on PayPal or case on eBay.

For the correct caunting the dayse from the moment of payment, you should add an custom event with a payment date.

Where is the search in the tree of the tracks (the filter panel)?
Moved to the "filter panel"
How to quickly calculate the time between events?

Switch on a column "Extended info" (RMB on the header of the table-tree of tracks -> Additional column).

Now select two events of the track, and the number in the brackets in the "Extended info" column will show the number of days passed between the events (or the number of days between the event and today, if one event is selected).

The number on the right side of the track icon displays the days counter for the entire track.