Hotkeys list:

Hotkey Action
Ins Add new track
Ctrl+Del Delete selected element
Del Hide element
F2 Element settings
F6 Count days from selected event
Ctrl+Up Move selected element up
Ctrl+Down Move selected element down
F5 Check selected elements (tracks, groups)
Shift+F5 Check all tracks
Space Mark selected as viewed (remove flag of new event)
Shift+Del Deletу all received events
Ctrl+F Open filters panel and go to filter field
Alt+Ctrl+Right Expand selected element
Alt+Ctrl+Left Collapse selected elements
Alt+Shift+C Copy text of selected elements to OS clipboard
Alt+Ctrl+C Copy events of selected track to OS clipboard
Ctrl + X Cut selected elements to App clipboard
Ctrl + C Copy selected elements to App clipboard
Ctrl + V Paste elements from App clipboard
Alt+Ctrl+Shift+S Show "Advanced service options" menu item
Alt + N Next unread event
Alt + T or Alt+Ctrl+T Translate selected event/events of selected tracks