Please add a new service "X"
It will be most convenient to do this on the program forum, following the rules.
Does App support post service ""? If not, add it quickly!

There is a quick search in the list of post services (by name and SID). The filter input field is next to the list of services: in the track properties window, in the group properties window, in the settings window, etc.

Enter part of the service name ("FromGonduras" for example), and get a list filtered by the entered line.

To add a service that is not in the list, you should send one, or better - several tracks that should be tracked on the service and URL(link) to the tracking web site. The best way to do this is on the forum on our site, following the rules.

Service "X" stopped to work!

Make sure you use the RECOMMENDED (current) version of the program and the LAST version of the services before write to us that something is not working.

Go to the News section of this site and look for the latest serivces and\or App version. If there are updates - download and install the update.

If none of the above does not help, then create a topic in the appropriate section of the forum, following the rules.