Why the program does not determine the recipient's country by track?
The program NEVER knew how to determine the recipient country by track. It's simply impossible. Simply earlier, the Russian postal service had a universal rule that worked for ALL tracks. But this is wrong, since the program is now used by residents of other countries, who do not need to receive information about the parcel from the PR website. Accordingly, the second situation occurs when the track has only the service of the sending country. How can I now "force" the program to select the necessary services "by default"? Read the Settings section: Services
What does the message Tracking number has wrong checksum mean?

That message means that the track number of the shipment did not match to UPU S10 standard, all the track number (identifiers) of international parcels and mails should correspond to it.

There is a possibility that the track is wrong or false.

However, the track may be tracked normally. But you should give a maximum attention to parcel with such track, at least, until first event for track.

Do you planning version of App for WinMobile, Blackberry, Linux, etc?
No, it's not planned. According to the feedback of users, the program works fine under Wine in Linux. Also there are, mobile versions of the program for Android and from third-party developer for iOS. We are not developers of the iOS application. Only the database of service descriptions (services.dat) is the same. Also, in the near future there is no plan to implement synchronization of user data.
I have found a bug in App!

The best way to tell us about bugs and issues in App is to send an e-mail and describe the problem. Do not forget to specify the postal track number and list the post services if the error occurs for a specific track.

After update of the App, the window with the CAPTCHA was constantly popping up ...

Unfortunately, more and more post services add Captcha on they tracking sites. If captcha can not be automatically recognized by the program, the user is prompted to enter it manually. At the moment, there are several such services (china, fj_freipost, etc.). So, when you check each track on these services, you will be prompted to enter the captcha manually.

If you do not want to see CAPTCHA pop up window, you have to disable these services in the track properties window.

Also in the App there is the option "Skip services with CAPTCHA", which allows you to disable the poll of the services that require manual enter of CAPTCHA in automatic or manual modes.

Why I can select max 10 services for track?
The restriction of 10 post services for each track is a forced measure designed to reduce the "parasitic" traffic on the post services sites. Because they began to add Captcha, keys etc. For 99.99% of tracks is enough to use 2-4 post service for the track, 1-2 services of sending and receiving countries.
There is no counter of days for parcels without a tracking number.

To make the program count the days for parcels WITHOUT tracks, you should manually add a custom event with the desired date, the counter will start from the date of this event.